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Our Personal Injury Trial Lawyer Fights to Obtain Compensation From the Insurance Company

When you or someone you love suffer injuries in a car crash or other accident, it can be a stressful and confusing time. The accident may leave you and your family to manage a difficult physical and emotional recovery or even grieve the loss of a loved one. To make matters worse, medical bills will continue to add up and insurance company representatives can become a nuisance with non-stop calls. All of this can become overwhelming without legal representation. When you hire Wagner Law, LLC, you can focus on your recovery, and we will take care of the rest.

Aggressive Injury Trial Lawyer Who Will Fight for You

At Wagner Law, LLC, attorney Mike Wagner is dedicated to providing Wisconsin accident victims with the personal attention and tenacious representation necessary during these difficult times. Our purpose is to benefit our clients, no matter how large or small their case may be—and we take this responsibility seriously. Our law office has a well-earned reputation for aggressively protecting legal rights, and we are not afraid to stand up for an injured person, whether that means negotiating with insurance companies or taking a case to trial.

Direct Communication With an Injury Attorney Who Cares

When you reach out to our injury law firm, you will find we take the time to answer your questions and explain your rights. There’s no screening process by staff at Wagner Law, LLC—We provide direct, prompt communication between attorney and client so you know exactly where your case stands. Your injury case is important to your family, and Wagner Law, LLC is here to provide the guidance that will help you be successful both now and in the future. Call our Menomonie office today or take a moment to fill out the contact form on this page to get in touch with an attorney for a free consultation.

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Why Choose Us

Finding the right lawyer for your personal injury case can be stressful. How can you know who is right for you? At Wagner Law, LLC, our successful case results and satisfied clients speak for themselves. With both compassion and tenacity, we stand up for our clients’ rights against insurance companies and fight for the maximum compensation victims deserve. We are committed to providing every client with:

  • Personal attention and frequent updates. Mike Wagner always takes the time to speak directly with clients on the phone or in-person from our office in Menomonie. There is no communication barrier between client and attorney at Wagner Law, LLC; we respond personally to all phone calls and emails. We provide regular updates and copies of correspondence regarding your case.
  • Direct, honest advice. We are always courteous and straightforward about the outlook for your case, and we won’t waste your time. Sometimes, after fully discussing a potential claim, our attorney will determine that the facts simply won’t support a case, and while it may be frustrating, many prospective clients appreciate our thorough and honest approach.
  • Experienced trial preparation. A quick, small settlement may be the easy way out for others, but Attorney Mike Wagner at Wagner Law, LLC is not afraid to take your case to trial if needed. We have rightfully earned a reputation as an aggressive, ethical trial firm, and if insurance companies refuse a fair settlement, we do not hesitate to fight for our client's best interests at trial.
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