Who Pays My Medical Bills?

Motor Vehicle Collisions in Wisconsin: Who Pays Medical Bills?

Wisconsin is a fault-based state when it comes to insurance coverage after an auto accident. This is a “traditional” insurance situation that assumes that the driver who is at fault (negligent driver) will ultimately be responsible for the damages and injuries the negligent driver caused.  However, the negligent driver’s insurance company is only required to pay for these damages at the time of settlement or after the trial has occurred.  Unfortunately, it can take significant time and multiple treatments from healthcare providers before the full extent of damages is known.  This means treatment bills will add up over months and years of treatment unless other sources exist to pay these bills as they are billed by the provider.  After a Wisconsin motor vehicle collision, it is important to have your treatment bills submitted to your own automobile insurance or health insurance company, so they are paid as you incur them.

Filing a Claim with Your Insurance Company.

A Wisconsin automobile insurance policy allows for medical payment coverage.  This is optional insurance coverage to be used for payment of treatment bills for injuries caused by a motor vehicle collision.  Although the minimum limits of coverage have changed a few times over the past decade, currently (January 2018) the minimum coverage is $1,000.00.  This means that an injured person with medical payment coverage through their own automobile insurance company can have his or her treatment bills paid for, as the bills are incurred, up to the limit of medical payment coverage. 

If an injured person does not have medical payment coverage, the treatment bills should be submitted to his or her health insurance or medical assistance coverage.  However, depending on the health insurance contract, deductibles or co-pays may still exist.

When a recovery for damages has occurred from the negligent driver’s insurance company, the injured person’s automobile insurance or health insurance company will then have a potential right to be paid back from the proceeds of a settlement.  This is referred to as subrogation.

Sorting out available coverages with multiple insurance companies can be confusing and frustrating, but an experienced personal injury lawyer can help. Contact Wagner Law, LLC by calling 715-235-6400 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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