Bus Accidents Can Be Complicated and Involve Many Parties. Our lawyer Mike Wagner thrives with complicated cases.

If you were involved in a bus accident, you may have been only one of numerous passengers on that bus. The parties involved include not only all of the passengers but also the insurance company for the bus company, the organization that contracted the bus company, occupants of other vehicles involved in the accident, and any other affected parties. All of these factors can make bus accident cases complex because they may involve more than one liable party. An attorney with experience can help you sort out the multiple negligent parties and their insurance companies.

At Wagner Law, LLC, in Menomonie, we assist clients with these sorts of the details and determine liability and insurance coverage when multiple parties are involved. We are also well known for our ability and experience to try difficult cases. In fact, we often receive referrals from other attorneys because of our reputation as skilled trial lawyers.

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How Do People Get Injured on a Bus?

A rollover or collision on I-94 can cause injuries typical of any vehicle accident. However, buses present unique ways people can become injured, such as:

  • Sometimes buses hit pedestrians walking down the street in Eau Claire, for example.
  • Buses can also catch riders in the bus doors.
  • School bus accidents
  • People who are standing on the bus can slip and fall.
  • Passengers can be thrown against the bus in an accident, quick stop, or sharp turn.
  • Lack of seat belts can also cause passengers to hit the roof or be ejected from the bus.

Common Bus Injuries We See

Buses may vary in size, but they tend to cause similar injuries when there is an accident, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Joint injuries
  • Scarring
  • Amputation
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries and concussions
  • Internal organ damage

Very serious collisions may result in entrapment, crush injuries, or even death.

Many Different Kinds of Buses Have Collisions

We can represent you in claims against commercial or municipal buses such as city buses, tour buses, shuttle buses and coaches or when any type of school bus injury occurs.

We will investigate the accident, including the driver, the bus company/owner, the manufacturer and all safety/maintenance records. To maximize your recovery, we will seek compensation from all negligent parties and their insurance companies.

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